Finally breaking the barrier!

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Today, I woke up at around 04:25 am and had, what I perceive as my first, so called, out of body experience / astral projection. There are many different takes on those definitions but personally I don´t worry about it too much. It is what it is, and this experience was something set apart from anything I previously have had so I choose to draw the line here and also decided to start this blog to celebrate the occasion.

Pre history

Almost every night now when I go to sleep I get sensations of vibrations in parts of my body. Since around 2012 I have these sensations after getting serious about meditation. Often I have them during the day as well. I´ve tried to get a projection going for about two and a half years, and while I´ve had partial success previously (I´ll collect some of these in a separate post), it is not until today I feel confident enough to call it a breakthrough in the quest for a real OBE/astral projection.

Going to bed – affirmations

I prepared myself by using a simple technique I picked up from Robert Waggoner (author of Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the inner self. A very good book on the topic. I also recommend this 53 minutes long youtube interview with Iain McNay ). I think R.W. originally got the affirmation from one of the Carlos Castaneda books.

“Tonight in my dreams I will look at my hands (and here I put them in front of me and focus on them) and realise I´m dreaming.”

After about 10-15 times of this, I laid down to sleep. As I relaxed more, I felt the onset of vibrations. Nothing else happened, and I just let it be and went to sleep.

Out of the grey zone

The first thing I´m aware of is that I´m looking at my hands. They are barely visible against a dark grey grainy background. Like the last time I had a lucid dream, my hands began to form, becoming more solid, more contrasted from the background with the help of light blue and pink colored plasma and electric visuals fx ;). I start to gain lucidity, but not enough for the chain of events be remain unbroken. At least, I´m now seeing my hands clearly.

In my bedroom, and beyond…

Now, I realise I´m in my bedroom. In hindsight I´m a little disappointed that it didn´t occur to me to look for my sleeping body. At this stage I don´t look around much, still stabilizing lucidity. I decide to do a reality test by trying to push my hand through the window blinds and window. It works, but I must be a little foggy because I need more convincing. I decide to try the wall right beside the bed. When that works, I feel confident about not being in the normal reality. The few times I´ve actually had lucid dreams, the level of relism has baffled me, every time.

It is that real, and you can mistake it for (everyday) reality!

A short break in the narrative, but I´m still at home, right outside the door.  The apartment is on the 6th floor,  and I have many times visualized the staircase as a place to move around in, when I become lucid or get lucky with a projection. Feeling very confident, I quickly walk up the stairs toward the elevator. To the right is usually a window and an indoor metal fence in front of the bottom half of the window. Now, there is nothing, just  big opening for me to throw myself fearlessly out through and start flying!

Initially it´s bright as day outside, and for a short time I fly about between the houses. After a while it gets as dark, as in clock time reality. The weather also adapts to fit reality. Dark, cold and a moist air quality. I´m transported to a more natural enviroment with a forest and leafless trees.

The helicopter and the deer

I want to gain height but feel it as the cold wet climate, the closeness to the trees and general feeling keeps me from being succesful. I aim to get away from the woods and treetops and fly over a valley. In the distance I become aware of a helicopter flying. It moves as if it is following something on the ground. It flies past me, and I decide to try to catch up with it and maybe hold on to it. I don´t quite make it. Instead, while the valley gets narrower, I see a deer kid making a 180 degree turn and come towards me. It must have been the helicopter’s target, I think to myself. I fly pretty fast, and don´t manage to slow down completely, but i want to stroke the deer. It becomes more of a semi slap, due to the speed. It doesn´t hurt the animal, and I remember the feeling distinctly. I feel I want to do something more productive than just waste time on flying, and want to reach higher. I remember from a facebook group on astral projection I´m a member of, some have recently tried “Omming” (chanting the sound of the mantra Om).

Omming through a barrier of bright geometry

I manage to reach higher now. Looking down, I see the city lights down below, and I´m amazed by the clear vision I have. Much clearer and more distinct than my real eyes. I start chanting the “Om” sound over and over again. Gradually upwards in the sky, it is reminiscent of the grey zone again, and from that grainy dark and cloudy grey, geometric patterns starts fading into my visual field. It gets more and more clear, super real even, and I feel like flying, swimming, through a tunnel of super crisp and colorful hexagons. I remember these shapes more clearly than the others; bluegreen lines surrounded by red dots, in infinite layers. the colors and shapes have much more presence and definition than I´m used to. It´s like physical 3D reality is a low resolution experience and this is high resolution experience. Even the colors.

“It´s like physical 3D reality is a low resolution experience and this is high resolution experience. Even the colors.”

I´m travelling through another barrier, another level. Suddenly all geometry stops, and it is like having reached space, right outside the atmosphere. Sounds that were present until now also stops completely. Rough motions becomes super smooth. A surreal stillness is around me. Spaciousness. But I´m not in space. An enviroment that is difficult to describe is now all around me. It has shapes and color that reminds me of a close up image of brownish green underwater vegetation. But the shapes are not vegetation. More like unusual soft, flowing rock formations. I can´t decscribe it properly.

A sense of trying to raise my head, to look up. I find it a little hard to do. Slowly an atmosphere belonging to a lounge, a reception area arises. Also the sounds are like that. Voices etc. I don´t see any other beings at first, but I can hear them. Two round small objects catch my attention. i pick them up, and taste them as if they were cookies. But I dont remember any taste.


At least the lounge like area has a wall, and right there is a male human figure, 40-50 years old, black short hair, slightly unshaved. I move towards him, announcing my presence (in swedish): “Hi, my name is Jan Sandahl, and this is my first time around here.” He greets me by shaking my hand (which i also remember the feeling of doing). He wants me to follow him, and I do. Passing a door, the alien enviroment is now changed into an old countryside house with pretty tight passages. I have an urge to move on, despite just having arrived, and I ask him if it´s ok if I leave already. He says that it is ok, and I ask, jokingly, if his reply is a test. He replies that it isn´t. On the whole there is a feeling of this meeting being an approval of sorts, or recognition of my achievement of getting there. I remember asking him about my experience, and he labelled it a “H3”. I´m not 100% sure on that exact label, but found it funny to be labeled in such a way. I felt I got approved, and that it was safe to move on without breaking any rules.

I remember being in a hallway where I sit down and meditate, trying the “om” again. It doesn´t do anything this time and the sound is strangely distorted, broken. At one point, maybe earlier in this episode, I remember saying “take me to my higher self”, which failed.

Some monks are there, walking in line, chanting the Om sound, and I want to follow them. We walk up a staircase in the old house, up to the attic floor. We sit down in front of a collection of unframed paintings, leaning against a wall.

From there, I get the feeling of waking up, and the scene is starting to fade while I gradually become aware of lying in my bed again.


As to the content, I can see that some details that might have been colored by everyday experiences. But far from everything, and the transitions were unique. Coming from an MBT perspective (Tom Campbells My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything)), I care less about the source of material, and more about the value, so let’s go there.

Value & Significance

The first notable thing is of course the length and stability of the experience. It has been a trajectory of not a slow gradual success, but more of greater leaps in terms of achievements during this year, 2014. Last year, I boldly pronounced that I´d crack this before the year was over. It would take me another year to make that statement come true.

It was more interactive and responsive compared to earlier shorter episodes.

The transition; a total shift of scene through conscious intent (and “omming”). Twice making it through hat is known as “the void”, the dark grey emptiness .

The feeling of having made it, and receiving approval at the reception.

I didn´t get emotionally carried away, and lost stability or lucidity for that reason alone.

I managed to move beyond the delight of flying, focusing in trying to get something more important done. More overall control and presence.

Not only physical like movement improved, but also transitioning to a new, partially otherwordly enviroment/level.

Fearlessness while throwing myself out in mid air on the 6th floor.
(Note to self: do a reality test first!) 😉

Doing the hand through the wall was fun!

Recognizing a pattern in the process of stabilising lucidity (how the hands looked and that my intent worked).

My mood during the day, was on the lower side. However I made a serious effort not let it get to me. I didn´t feel overly successful with that, but the attempt alone felt important and it might have worked in my favour regarding this episode.

Finally breaking the barrier!

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