The missing piece


I went to sleep around 10 pm, and felt soft vibrations, and woke up fully after my second OBE ever, which supplied the missing piece for me; the experience of exiting my body and moving into an OBE state with an unbroken consciousness from waking state into an OBE state.

It was undramatic, and I´m not even able to explain how to do it to someone else. Like the previous time, the transition began with trying to focus my blurry non-physical hands. This time I don´t remember seeing them clearly though, but insted found myself moving on through the process. Prior to that, I was awake, knowing I was in my bed and feeling the vibrations, but nothing earth shaking in strength. From there, I just knew somehow that I was “out”, and I slowly sat up in bed, well aware that my body was really lying down. I did not look for it, unfortunately.

I walked to the bedroom door, and decided to try to walk through it, which worked fine. There was a varying degree of restistance, and I can see how fearfulness can make you get stuck. But I was not at all afraid of getting stuck, and so the resistance got lesser.

Standing in the living room, I began to hover towards the corner on the other end of the room and back again. From there I slowly drifted diagonally upwards. The strange thing was that I did not hit the wall or ceiling, but the room felt endless, and things looked smaller and smaller. I did not expect that, and I don´t recollect making a decision to drift away like that.

Soon after (now in a dark objectless space), I wanted to try something productive, like trying to access subconscious information, and I demanded to speak to “my higher self” (a well established way to do this among people that frequently astral project. I regard it to be a tool of sorts, and I may invent one fo my own if this keep failing). However, nothing seemed to happen, and the last time I said the words, I said them out loud in my bedroom and woke up from it.

So, it was a brief, but important piece for me, where I got to experience an exit phase. I´m convinced that my increasingly relaxed attitude about OBE:s, made it possible, and it felt like almost not trying, just doing it as if I´d done it before.

Worth pointing out is also that it was very early on at night. The ideal time is said to be between 4 am and 5.30 (a sweet spot for OBE:s), or at least in the later parts of the night, or early morning. There´s no doubt in my mind that I will be able to do this at will, around the clock at one point. Perhaps even “parallel processing” (as Thomas Campbell labels it) which is being aware in more than one reality frame at once.

From the living room, I think I drifted out in the void, and I think I´ll need to be more patient and simply stay there a little longer.

The missing piece

One thought on “The missing piece

  1. I’m very hopeful, having read your piece on your 2nd OBE, that such a thing is available. I wrote a book Harper’s published last year – “Revealing Heaven: the Christian Case for Near-Death Experiences,” after I’d visited with about 200 NDErs. I came across these folks in my various roles as parish priest, Army Chaplain, hospital chaplain, FBI Chaplain, pastoral consultant to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, and since, in my lecturing around, another 75+ people have sought me out to tell me their experiences. Thank you.


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