Lucid dreaming and object creation


Not much to write about since my initial success in early December 2014. A few short moments of lucid dreaming. Last night I had one that introduced a new facet to me, from the consciousness toolbox, namely object creation. That, and a new way to stabilise a lucid dream.

It began with me in bed, meditating and noticing I was drifting into dreaming. I heard a voice from a radio talking about something (don´t remember what exactly). The topic was on “boats” anyway. I felt I was easily losing the dream, and instinctively repeated a word from the radio. It stabilised lucidity and the dream, and I repeated it a few times when I noticed that. An amusing detail was that the radio voice heard me, and also repeated the word. As if he had to start that part of his talk over again, each time I repeated it. Anyway, this method of using auditory data to stabilise the dream/lucidity was new to me.

I got out of bed and found myself in a home I didn´t fully recognise. In hindsight, I didn´t perceive this as an OBE. The doorbell rang. I opened and there were two male characters with small masks on their faces, covering only their noses and eyes. I didn´t know them and I can´t remember they said anything at all. For some reason, I tell them to follow me down the stairs and out.

I remember trying to fly through a window in the ceiling, but I couldn´t take off.  Instead, I jump effortlessly over the handrail, down the stairs, and my unknown visitors do the same.

When out in front of the house, I see an old friend I haven´t thought of for very long. He´s riding a bike and is not wearing anything on the upper part of his body. We see each other and exchange a hug.

From there, lucidity and dream memory is lost. But there was another fragment that stuck in my mind, and it involved creating an object by will. Forming in mid air between my hands, it was like a large black pen, and the material was like clay, but changed in a strange way, (like digital 3D models when reducing the number of polygons on organic shapes). I could make it bigger/smaller and change the shape, extruding a tip at one end of the cylindrical shape. But that was about it. I don´t remember the context.

The feeling of the whole episode was pretty mundane, and didn´t leave any strong emotional traces other than remembering my old friend.

Progress: the new, auditory method of stabilising the dream, and object creation.

Lately I´ve increased meditation and I thought this helped bring this lucid dream come about.  I went to sleep with an affirmation “Tonight in my dreams, I will realise that I´m dreaming”, and I listened to binaural beats (experimenting with a low 2 Hz beat frequency at 170 Hz base frequency, mixed with looped soft drone type music).

Lucid dreaming and object creation

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