Lucid dream, flying in an egg shaped vehicle

No, I didn´t travel in a TV egg. I just used this image because it is my own 3D rendering. 🙂

So I´m back at my familiar basecamp it seems, on the threshold, mainly recognizing tendencies of moving out, while trying to go out of body consciously. Few lucids as well, but this morning I drifted seemlessly into dream content, and realized I should try to increase lucidity. I was travelling in an eggshaped semi-transparent flying vehicle over an unknown landscape with some buildings in the far distance. I tried to make my vehicle fully transparent but couldn´t. I could make it move faster to a point at will though. I focused on different parts of the visuals which increased lucidity some.

Then I figured I´d try OM:ing again. Partly because I´ve noticed that sounding anything has a stabilising effect for me. The vehicle disintegrated, and a wavy line of pink dots passed me by. Then patterns of nested triangles in green and pink.

Soon after that I felt I was waking up (it was around 08-09 am, and I was kind of pushing to have this experience, and was not particularly sleepy or in a good place to be succesful more than brief moments).

It´s interesting to see the effects of meditation/Om:ing from a lucid dream, and I will continue to explore the effects of that.

I didn´t feel this dream had a lot of significance, other than lucid dreams occurs more frequently now, that I can get into a lucid dream, even if it´s mostly for shorter periods of time, and nothing have ever come close to the breakthrough OBE I had in December.

I didn´t click out because of excitment and that´s a plus.

So, the trajectory is all good. There´s also a lucid dream to write down, from my 50th birthday. The lucidity was triggered by a drawing I got from my son.

Lucid dream, flying in an egg shaped vehicle

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