Lucid dreaming – changing a scene

A part of Åkered where I grew up. Image from hemnet . se

This was around 7 am this morning. I was intending to go OOB, but ended up in a lucid dream, and it´s more than welcome. I am grateful for every second spent in a lucid and aware state besides the good old waking state.

The beginning is a bit blurry, or the dream scene was in it´s initial stages and I was already partly aware of it. I remember the background to be dark greyish with an unclear or shifting setting. But I quickly became aware that I should work on stability, since this is prior to any other experience and it’s currently my weak spot.

My hands version 3.0

This is the third time I have consciously used my hands to build stability. Each time they look different (this far). The first time they were like ghostly blue and pink plasma. The second time (in a jungle setting) they were made of cross hatched long leaves in green and orange colors. This time they looked like…hands. What was visually extrordinary this time was that when I moved them, they left a trail, reminiscent of the so called bullet time effect from The Matrix movies.

I clenched my hands, as well as rubbed them together and the sensation was tangible. And through this, the scene got clearer, richer and more complete. But it was still a jumble of things and pretty dark. At least I didn´t lose the scene immediately. I thought of what I should do, and decided to try to change the scene and go back to the place where I grew up. I used the technique of waving my arm in front of me (I picked this up from Robert Waggoner’s book “Lucid dreaming. Gateway to the inner self”), while intending and speaking out loud “take me to Åkered” (sounds like oak-e-red).

Lo and behold – it worked! However, it didn´t exactly match the houses, layout or colors of the area, but as I repeated my affirmation it kept transforming to look more and more like the real place. I wasn´t flying over it, but rather hovering smoothly and with a sense of watching it take place on a screen. I tried to be more specific and used the exact address, “Take me to Åkeredsgatan 28” (gatan=street). No luck, but the houses looked more and more familiar. Later, upon wakening I realized my mistake! There is no Åkeredsgatan. The address was Karmosingatan 28. A sign of a confused dreamy consciousness.

The indoor swimming pool – and girls!

While failing and not knowing why, the scene became messy and darker again. I accepted my failure, and honed in on a facility that is not there in reality, a big public swimming pool. Actually, I felt an erotic urge and started looking for women. I was high up in the air now, and flew down to the entrance. I will not be specific here 😉 but there were at least some innocent parts appropriate to tell here (but honestly, I didn´t get very far with my intention either). Inside there was a line of around 20 young girls standing in a stair. They greeted me with a unison “hello darling!” They were too young in fact, so I did not interact with them, according to my intention, beyond a token of appreciation. Being cheerfully greeted like that felt a bit odd, but I accepted the quite positive oddity as part of the dream. It could also be about a counter intention, trying to steer me away from the lower urges.

After some time spent there, the scene began to disintegrate and I woke up.

This far, I had made progress, by succeeding in stabilizing lucidity and consciously changing one scene into another by waving my arms. I think that´s a first. I remember doing it at an earlier stage in my LD career – but without success.

Lucid dreaming – changing a scene

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