Sleep paralysis

Another natural period of easing into vibrations – and sleep paralysis. This, the actual paralysis part, is unusual for me to experience but it happens at some rare occasions. Upon waking up at around 03:30 am, I felt pretty strong vibrations, ringing ears and heard wobbling noises in my room. A small amount of fear araised as well, but I know this is only about sensations and nothing else. I perceive it as a fear test. Beyond that, nothing else happened and while waking up later in the morning around 7 am I felt the same kind of vibrations, lingering in my body. How to get from here to successful conscious projections? It still eludes me unfortunatly. As I write this, I have not far from the level of vibrations as I had in the middle of the night. However, my sense of this whole thing is developing, and I feel more and more at ease, no matter the outcome. Maybe that will prove to be the missing component.

Sleep paralysis

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