Short morning projection in an unknown room

3D image: Jan Sandahl
3D image: Jan Sandahl. Cosy sofa. Now imagine my fluttering flat dark rubber hands on top of that.
This morning I had a short projection. I was semi-awake and lucid, knowing that I was lying down in the sofa. I first moved to stand up (with very little sense of a body apart from the head moving, and a sense of shifting angle from lying down to sitting up), and then took a couple of steps with very little sensation of pulling myself out of body. Nevertheless a sense of doing these movements, although the sensations were weak.

The scene was all dark, and I heard some faint sounds in a room. I became aware that this room I was standing in wasn´t the room I was lying down in. As it was dark (no visuals yet) I stated “I want to see” and vision faded in. A simple vignetted scene with a table and some chairs and a sofa. The table had a ribbed surface and there was a lit candle on it. The whole scene had a cosy feeling with dimmed lighting. Soft wood, orange and green colors. A sense of simplicity.

Flat dark rubber hands

I thought I should be able to see my hands and brought them in front of me. By now I have developed a curiosity how my non physical hands will look. Once again, the fourth time it happens now, they appeared in a new distinct way. Dark, rubber like flat surfaces, fluttering into stability as I moved them from the sides into the center of my field of vision. Also a magnetic sensation as I willed them in front of me. I tried to gain stability of the scene, but it faded away. So darn sensitive! Even thinking of stability is like acknowledging the risk of losing it. But it was nice, as short as it was. I´s place it somewhere between an lucid dream and OBE. Some may call it an etheric projection. Vibrations have been abundant a couple of days now, but I didn´t get around to a second chance today.

This is my second time of having awareness from the start of “leaving the body” (although I resonate with Tom Campbell, saying it´s about getting into consciousness, not out of body, as the body is virtual to begin with according to his framework “My Big TOE”).

There has been little lucid dreaming or OBE activity lately, and even a low degree on regular dream recall, so it felt good to get this as a confirmation of still being in the loop.

Short morning projection in an unknown room

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