Stuck in a door

Image by Jan Sandahl. 3D and photoshop. Derived from a lucid dream (without the water), where I got stuck in the door.

Disclaimer: This post is mainly for cataloguing my experiences, and not here because of it´s overwhelming significance and depth. 😉

A few days ago I was in a short scene, becoming lucid from a meditative state and hypnogogic imagery I was in a corridor, feeling the unstable quality of the lucidity and realism. While trying to highten stability I was hovering toward the exit (doors are often portals to completely different experiences in lucid dreams and OBE’s) and upon trying to sail through the door, I got stuck in the middle of it. I felt its texture while beginning to pass through it and it also had a special sound to it that is hard to describe.

The image started out as an effort to illustrate this dream, but I found it dull and added water and text to it instead, and went for a more appetizing graphical quality.

So there you go. All you purple orb travellers and busy with high council meetings and what not… You´ve got nothing on me! 😉

Stuck in a door

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