Fear processing

Last nights’ (series of) dreams are just out of reach for me. What I do know is that it was repeatedly about fear. At one time I woke up from hitting the couch I use for OBE practises (and where I had fallen asleep). I can feel the nervous and constricted sensation in my stomach as I recall waking up. Exposed. Abandoned perhaps. I wish I knew what it was, and I repeat to myself and demand clarity and absolute presence while working with fears. I hope these affirmations help. I do not accept fears taking up such a big space within me.

Tomorrow I´m doing a one day retreat with Vipassana meditation, in close vicinity to the area I lived in where I feel my personal issues deepened significantly in my early twenties. It is interesting to be drawn there for the purpose of healing. It´s only a few hundreds of meters away.

I don´t believe in coincidence.

It´s an early morning and I´l be up att 05:30. Time to sleep and dream…

Fear processing

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