June 6 2015 – The Swedish National day

Today is the swedish national day. Here´s little rant on that, somewhat connected to consciousness (because what isn´t?)

I gladly celebrate life itself, the beautiful nature, the oceans, breathing the air… All that sustains us. Hell, I´d even celebrate humans!

But, as one fellow earthling suggested in a 1985 UN speech

“Nationalism is glorified tribalism.”
~ J. Krishnamurti

In other words, we´re perpetuating gang fighting – on a global level. Flags and national loyality isn´t fundamentally any different than gang tattoos and gang type loyalties.

Did we think through ALL (or even most) of the consequences of nationalism?

There isn´t anything wrong in celebrating belonging of course. It would be ridiculous to put it down. But how about inviting a little more far reaching clearheadedness?

Looking closer at any nation (I´d think), you´d find that there is so much diversity going on within the national construct that the concept of nationalism begins to crumble pretty quickly, approching a logical breakdown.

Nationalism works, because of a self imposed unawareness and a good portion of silliness! But it´s where we are at, so lets work with it.


Ordinary people never really wants the type of division resulting in wars. It´s easy to see/feel, if one cares to look, that friendliness, helpfulness sharing and inclusiveness tops war and conflict every time. But political leaders, mind/opinion manipulators (they wish…) and especially monetary profiteers benefit immensly from fear and division – from a safe distance – and they intentionally propagate fear through the channels they own, and support all that keeps ordinary people closed in, in this paradigm. For as long as we allow it. They don´t know that it really doesn´t benefit them either but that´s another story.

So, it´s not even a hidden secret that there are those earning huge sums of money on wars. It´s safe to say this is the case, beyond the boring and shallow area of conspiracy theories (another mind game, based on diversion, going on). Basic reality checks will do. Isn´t life on earth like a one big, glorious discernment game?

Basically, upholding (non-investigated) nationalism is an important factor in our current (unaware) mission to wipe ourselves of the planet.

On the borders to others, the unkown

I think, a healthy (human) pattern of reacting to anything new and unknown is:

  1. Inital surprise and a jolt of life preserving fear.
  2. Creating a safe, life sustaining, distance. Never mind if the danger is real or imagined at this stage.
  3. Curiosity and investigation kicks in. (This is where we can progress beyond the biological basic programs running in point 1 & 2)

Now, if two individuals (or groups etc) meet like this there is a number of possible outcomes, based on the conditioning of these individuals (or groups etc).

  1. If both live in fear – hostility and violence will be almost certainly be realised and in worst case perpetuated indefinitely.
  2. If one of them is without fear (outweighed by curiosity and the drive for investigation and connection), there is an opening to a peaceful resolution, eventually.
  3. If both are fearless and intelligent ( = love based beings; that is what´s left when fear (ego) is removed), there is no other option than peaceful co-existence and cooperation, because both know that both benefits from the other’s (differing) insights, findings and knowledge.

Now you tell me what kind of a world you see around you? How aware are you personally? Do you react, or do you respond with the highest intelligence you can possibly muster? Have you made it a priority to not be driven by reactiveness?

In my opinion, we are here to actively choose and learn the latter and leaving the former behind, in the flow of evolution. Me, rather than being a “swede”, I prefer to be an “earthling”, a functional non-cancerous part in the body of “Gaia”. I might just succeed!

The bottom line? Happy national day, “swedes”! Nah, be happy, ALL beings! ❤

June 6 2015 – The Swedish National day

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