Fear test – Dream of snakes

Snake, from pixabay.com
Snake, from pixabay.com

I´m in a period with very little connection to my inner life in regards to dreams etc. Hardly any dream recall at all. So, this is just to keep the journaling up because I remembered a moment of lying down, and I knew poisonous snakes crawled on the floor. Not very many, but larger snakes.

Snakes have been involved before, to a degree that it´s becoming a theme.

In the dream, I was lying down somewhere, like a bench so it didn´t feel like a bed, but I had my bed sheet over me. I wanted to move, but couldn´t/didn´t. Not the sleep paralysis thing, more due to caution considering the snakes or an inability to act, which I can relate to from daily life too sometimes.

Then I felt a snake crawling over me (the weight and movement felt real), close to my head, and I got scared. Not panicking, but enough to wake me up. I remember the intention to stabilise the fear at a low level, and remain calm. I also very briefly knew it was a dream. Maybe because the snake theme and situation didn´t really make sense. My son Leo was there, and it was like a game in some way. But, I woke up just at that moment. I consider it a fear test, one that I didn´t make 100% – this time.

It´s midsummer today, and not much celebration is going on at my place (due to the change in course in the recent years among other things, I could use a new pack to celebrate with), and the weather is cold and on the verge of rainfall.

During my days, I keep quite steadily on my path of slow recovery, replacing fears with insights and questioning situations, people and myself in as positive ways as possible.

Oh, and I just discovered Robert Moss at http://www.mossdreams.com/, whom i really resonate with. I like his unifying and simple way of looking at our travel in consciousness (here or “there”) as Active Dreaming.

Fear test – Dream of snakes

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