Intense periods, and a super real non lucid dream

Yesterday and tonight have been crazy, vibewise. Difficulty sleeping due to heavy energetic weirdness. While awake (now) I really feel like sleepwalking (living on a border) and this night I had a non-lucid but super (super!) real dream moment (being on a tram here in Gothenburg, but not remembering why, or in which direction I travelled, and not being able to make sense of the enviroment outside the tram – all dreamsigns, but I woke up instead).

I don´t undestand these intense periods… Some call it – or suspect it to be – Kundalini energy, but I have no clue. I do what has been the one thing working best all along; rest into whatever is coming to me, in any way shape or form.

It has the sense of an outside force acting on me. Moon phases/solar flares/a person? Illness? I´ve gotten over almost every fear about it being something neurological, but there is a tiny sliver of fear that remains. I need personal solid evidence of the possibility that death really IS nothing but a transition. I have not gained such evidence in my experiences yet.

I also briefly saw another consciousness explorer, Casey​ Claar, in hypnogogic imagery, images that very faintly lingered even with my eyes open.

It´s like receiving a super fast download of information you can´t consciously make sense of and my eyes are close to behaving like in REM sleep.

At the same time I´m grateful, because there is an element of bliss to it.

Intense periods, and a super real non lucid dream

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