Dream about honesty

Honesty sets you free. Random Google search meme.
Honesty sets you free. Random Google search meme.

I saw an opening in a some kind of locker, in dark and redish wood material. Like a vertical panel was missing on the side or the back of it. There were lots of things lying around in there, and the impression was that there had been a break in. There was money in the form of a swedish 500 kronor bill (about 50 euro), and I took it. Shortly thereafter, the owner of the things in the locker showed up, and was looking for the money, asking me about it. I lied and said I didn´t know anything or had seen it. I was trying to hide the money in my pocket. I remember the sense of him wanting to see what was in my pocket.

(an interesting detail is that the communication is remembered as telepathic rather than spoken by words)

I think I wanted to put the money back, but couldn´t do it without being exposed, so I tried to hide it further, under a matress (actually in the dream weirdness, I was lying on a matress right beside the locker). I don´t remember more than this, but the lesson of it lingers.


My superficial motivation might be about the fact that I´ve been very low on money for many years now, but I´ve never felt like stealing. And twice when I´ve found money on the ground, I´ve given it to beggars rather than keeping it for myself. And on another occasion when a bit larger sum (about 400 euros) unexpectedly came to me, I gave it away as a gift to my son at his 10th birthday (I´ll always remember the look on his face).

More likely, the dream was just about a random “opportunity” and what I´d do at just that moment. As to the lack of money, that sense is receding – at the same time as I do want more money in order to be able to show Leo more of the world, for travels and such. Travels and creative tools and enviroment for music, image and video making.

There it is, Universe. you heard me! 🙂

Another thing connected to money in my awareness now, is that I´m reading “Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein. I recommend it warmly, as it is a very spiritually rewarding book.

Right action – Honesty

In the dream scene, what I should have done immediately, was to admit to taking the money, say I´m sorry, and give it back without trying to hide the money or the fact that I took it. The lying (or any form of dishonesty) creates internal disorder and tensions that you will have to sort out sooner or later anyway. Trying to get away with something, or hiding your intentions (even from yourself) is ultimately hurting you even if it renders satisfaction on the surface.

A famous picture in the Bhagavad-Gita shows the senses being compared to the five horses.

As I live my life I increasingly have a view of the material world as consisting of metaphors meant for training (even our bodies/avatars), concealing the real game of consciousness evolution. Always reaching for more clarity, more awareness. What I feel, beneath the surface impressions of a small dream scene (a lesson in my view) is much more important. “Real” life is no different. Pay attention to the real feedback so that you can wake up.

The life journey is about a cleansing process, raising awaeness and growing up. A journey of opening up your heart, becoming love.

Dream about honesty

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