Jataka tales

I’m watching this interesting video on Jataka tales from Jeffrey Mishlove’s channel “New Thinking allowed“. The Buddha told many teaching stories drawing from his memories of past lifetimes. These are called Jataka Tales. A tale in the video is about a deer helping a robber escape. It seems to be the story on the cover of the book below. It made me remember that a deer showed up in my breakthrough OBE experience in 2014. In my OBE there was a helicopter following the deer, so it was a chase type scene. Enough connections to make it interesting to me.

I have not yet been able to match that first rich experience unfortunately and lucidity has plummeted for me for reasons unknown to me (some support I enjoyed up until a few months ago has fallen away, but other than that I’m not sure), but I still have the overall aim to have these types of experiences. It’s like slowly crawling back to a starting point all over again. Much internal work in the subtle territories of the mind. I can guess about the reasons but I don’t want to end up with beliefs about it. I’m keeping it as open as possible. I’m also dealing with a general fatigue that seems to have planned to stay. Also, choices and everything in general. It’s all connected of course. Maybe it’s game over? I’m curious but not in any way wanting to rush things. Here’s where the learning is. 🙂

On reincarnation, I’m curious about the day western science catches up, and we can have normal conversations about it, and other related phenomena such as the amazing OBE state and lucid dreaming etc. When our generally high fear of death diminishes as a result, I think it will be very healing for us as a species.

Jataka tales

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