Deep meditation and lucid dreaming – The operating room

Finally a lucid experience (was a bit of whining all it took?). After 3-4 hours of surprisingly steady meditation to the track in the link (plus, very little boredom, impatience etc. just a solid deep restful state) with lots of “K energy” vibes, it happened. I hoped for full blown OBE exit sensations, with overpowering vibrations and sound FX, but no. Instead, I just shifted seamlessly into a dream environment. A typical WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming).

Pretty dark content. I first found myself (not fully lucid) in an operating room. I was splitting heads in half with a large knife, on what I hope were dead people. From ear to ear. It was deeply disturbing, and I have no idea where this come from. I didn’t want to do it, but had to for some reason.

The last one, a woman, disappeared from the operating table/room. I got very alarmed and figured she died, and wanted to try to find her in “OBE space” in order to assist her, if needed. I got lucid.

The room and/or I began spinning and I  flew upwards, watching the floor disappear from above and then flew down a long dark corridor with bright light at the end of it. I ended up going right, just before the tunnel ended, into a narrow room where alive stick figure drawings (on cardboard) sat along one side of the room. On the other side,  there were some “real” people, tough guys looking like thugs in black leather jackets.
Lucidity spiked. No fear. I got the idea to test them, and I got real close, in their face. I pinched one of them several times. He/they all reacted passively to my testing, and just turned away. Playfully I kissed one right on the forehead. He took out what I first thought was a knife and I thought he would stab me, but it turned out to be a pen.
Soon thereafter it faded into blackness. Up until then it was amazingly clear and stable (just like my meditation), and I wasn’t disappointed when it ended. It has been quite a while since I enjoyed lucidity, so I was a happy pup, despite the dark theme initially.
Still buzzing all over… Will ponder its potential meaning during the day.
Deep meditation and lucid dreaming – The operating room

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