Full moon correlations

Full Moon of January 12 2017. Image by Karin Miller.

Just a short note to self.

I’m starting to recognize a pattern. The ease of meditation, the stability of it and the effortless lucid dreaming. The sensations of the so called Kundalini energy, ringing ears, the vibes and feeling of being externally drawn towards a trance state – is either starting to correlate more with the moon cycle, or I’m starting to notice it better.

  • January 11 – It’s starting to build up.
  • January 12 – Full moon, and all of the symptoms above are in place.
  • January 13 – Back to almost nothing.

Notice that I don’t see it as causation, only a correlation. I feel it’s more like with different synchronicities; it’s akin to being rewarded for noticing in a sense. In a virtual reality such as ours, ANYTHING can happen/be seen or felt on this “screen” of consciousness, and I tend to think/experience more and more that you get what you are able to integrate positively. It is interesting to say the least and I’m grateful for quite successfully having entered the realm of the weirdos. What else is there? Materialism? Right… 😉

Full moon correlations

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