The moon, new meditation track – and sync

Moon phases

Yes, last full moon yet again confirmed that there is some connection between lucidity and moon phases.

New meditation track: Inner Cathedrals

A church organ based sound excursion this time, rocking you slowly and safely on waves between the majestic and the sublime. It contains a binaural beat component with a beat frequency at 3.84 hz – said to be ideal for the purpose of astral travel/OOBE. It had me very close to the border which is why I was excited to share it in the first place.

Note: I’m going to upload another version of it with higher volume. I was too cautious and I noticed the effect is best when played at a higher volume, when the bass really starts resonating with your own inner vibes. So stay tuned for an update soon.

Publishing it came with a synchronicity. A Facebook friend was reading this, just as I had made the track public to the world (he’s “accusing” me the playful way friends can do 🙂 ).

Aha, here you are! Well, not only you ruin my stillness sessions but also my leisure times devoted to reading. The case was as follows:

I started reading the book by Arthur Findlay of which I talked yesterday on my wall. To what I wrote there, it’s worth adding what is placed on the second page, namely

“The press of Great Britain, without exception, gave the above book a reception never before accorded a book on this subject. It was certainly the most widely reviewed book of the Winter Book Season of 1931-1932.”

After which there is a list of 75 newspapers and magazines with their corresponding reviews (one day I’ll scan it all.)

Now, going to what matters, here are some excerpts of the Foreword to the 29th impression:

“This book has now been before the public for just over three years…….I have nothing to withdraw from what I have written in this book……..I have much to add, and this is contained in the companion volumes which have followed, namely, The Book of Truth and The Unfolding Universe…………..These three books form a Trilogy on Spiritualism which embraces the whole subject from every angle, and they are intended to lay the foundation for Spiritualism becoming accepted as the religion, the science, and the philosophy of mankind.

Professor Ernesto Bolzano, in his preface to the Italian Edition of this book, remarks that I have made no reference to what he terms and he quotes the following extract from an article by Mrs. Hewat McKenzie, the well-known psychical researcher, published in Light in 1931, following the publication of this book:

“Mr. Findlay often mentions ‘Whitey,’ the personal Indian Guide of the medium, and his valuable work in shepherding the spirits who came to make themselves known. I wonder if he saw, as I and others often did, the coming and going of ‘Whitey’ as he took or relinquished control of his medium.

He manifested his presence by a bluish clear light which could be seen approaching the medium as he sat playing the organ before he fell into trance.

It approached from his left, and came into view two or three feet away from him. As it reached him it was lost to sight. A grunt from Sloan would follow; ‘Whitey’ had taken possession of his medium, who stopped playing on the instrument, rose from the organ and took his place in the circle, being controlled by sitters on either side…..””



The artwork for the track is also mine, and the ghostly crowd is based on a photo of formations in the sand I took walking on the Askim beach in Gothenburg:


The pipe organ is an image from the site

That’s all for now. Thank’s for reading and please share the track wide and far if you like it!

The moon, new meditation track – and sync

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