Waking up from the backwards

Just some poor dream recall today but a thought, or an underlying sense that is growing. As a silver lining to anything in the 3D Earth existence that (seems to) bring one to one’s knees. Even in the midst of that, a sense of lightness seeping in. It’s increasingly present even during such moments. And I feel gratitude.

It amazes me to no end how getting into this lucid dreaming / astral projection / Out-Of-Body thingie – or process – really, actually and literally feels like – IS like – waking up from a dream. For me, a slow process. Increasingly richer. I have time.

How dense and dreamy the 3D reality can be in comparison. It is especially  during moments when one feel bogged down by heaviness of one sort or another, one is really sleeping and dreaming here.

God is having a great dream of separation to add to its knowing.

Looking back. How fundamentally backwards I had everything before, at least at a surface level – how most people get life. We are seriously lacking in education! As I don’t believe in death anymore, other than as the process of shedding the physical vehicle and as a transition into other areas of consciousness, I don’t feel robbed of my life or bitter that such a large part of it has been “lost” in states of negativity and confusion.

Waking up is awesome!

This 3D Earth reality IS less real – without putting it in a hierarchical order or making judgements of one level being better or worse than any other. Because anywhere you go – there you are. And you basically go “to” where you already are.

When this is seen, you stop projecting your issues onto others and your way of expressing responsibility is maturing. As a result, you set others free in the process. Breaking the illusions of guilt and blame, seeing that they are completely hollow.

There is nothing there…

Waking up to who you really are starts by making what you take as your dreams a priority. This will heighten your awareness both in dreams and during the day. Or, stay asleep a little while longer, before the spark finds you.

Waking up from the backwards

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