Sleeplessness and music making

Several days of losing much sleep every night takes its toll.

With some regularity now, I have this sense of feeling energies strongly – like someone else (not me, an external influence) just pushed the ON-button somewhere, a few days before a full moon. I’m just wide awake. Like my soul had way too much spiritual caffeine on its nightly secret travels!

Kundalini Latte anyone?

It is consistent enough to make me reflect on it. But to make any sense of it? No. Apparently I must simply be content with the act of recognition. There is a lot of training pertaining to one’s awareness and maturity in general, in terms of consciousness evolution, and particularly to anything relating to non-physical awareness. Mostly, I’m grateful because I have now much better general feel for it than a only a few years back.

Vibrations in the core of by being. Lots of the ringing ears, multiple modulated frequencies coming in waves. Some call it downloads. It is always the same symptoms that comes on strongly when I’m about to lucid dream, or have a conscious projection, an OBE / astral projection. My intuition is that it is some kind of general preparation going on, but I just can’t make much logical sense of it here in an Earth, 3D setting, from within the limited human awareness. I just know there’s more going on than what I can be consciously aware of.

Thankfully,  I’ve moved from being very eager to get “out there” and explore to a much more laid back position that basically is fine with waiting lifetimes for things of an extra-physical nature to unfold naturally. Organic growth can’t really be forced, and I do feel that there are effects even if I’m not pushing actively for the experiences now. Not that I don’t ever try to get over the threshold, but I rather stay curious about how it feels being on the verge and easing into whatever experience wanting to get through than pushing manically to produce anything at whatever cost.

Music making

It has really been moved to the foreground in the recent months. Productivity – and quality of output – is increasing and especially in terms of getting things done. Still there is a lot to be done in that respect, but the difference is quite huge. With the computer as the main tool, there has been an incredible explosion, in recent years, of instruments and tools, Much of my focus has been of a technical nature. A necessary learning in an area that just keeps expanding exponentially on a daily basis. I have more tools than I know what to do with, but I am getting better at focusing on the content – the heart of music making.

Two very different animals (not the cows!) are evolving simultaneously. Excursions into saturated overloaded pulsating Electronica and walks through light hearted, acoustic sounding vistas. This piece, however, has a jazzy feel to it.

Eyes – and heart – open. Life happens for you, not to you. Embrace everything.

Thank you!


Sleeplessness and music making

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