Heightened dream recall and lucid dream with seagulls


Lately, dream recall has been high compared to normal levels, as a wakefulness and sometimes sleeplessness during nightly hours has occurred. Quite an energetic period that seems to be over now, but I never know for sure. Several others have been reporting an energetic period as well.

Last night I had a dream, in which Rocío (My son Leo’s mother) and I, found ourselves on a large porch at an old wooden (dark, murky solid) house near a forest. It was evening and quite dark. She drove what looked like a sort of wheelbarrow, but flat and big like a normal sized door. It was noisy and she drove it down some stairs from the porch leading to the back yard. I felt unease because of the noise and we were not supposed to be there (I’m not dare devil, lol), and it was uncertain if the owners were home. I think Leo was around too. She drove it quite fast across the yard and I lost track of her/them in the dark. So, in the dream, I got the inclination to teleport to get to them. This is unusual, because it usually happens in lucid dreams, as a conscious decision, when I’m already aware that I’m dreaming. Recently I also started OMing spontaneously in a dream, which I only ever have done in lucid dreams before.

The decision to teleport triggered lucidity, but instead of remaining in the current scene, I found myself with Leo on some tin covered roof tops in a city environment somewhere. I started to hover, and soon figured it would be interesting to fly to the moon (in an interview with remote viewer Ingo Swann I heard recently they discussed the moon and what, according to Ingo was there, namely “not our stuff”). This might have influenced my decision to go there. I took off and gained quite some speed (I usually do not pick up very high velocity). I aimed for a spot on the partially cloudy sky, that seemed to be the moon. But as I got higher, the spot became a source out of which came a huge flock of seagulls.

At first they appeared just like a big uncoordinated flock but shortly they started to form a geometric spiral pattern. Almost like a grid, that reminded me of a very unusual lucid dream or OBE I had some time ago where I was left hanging in a clear blue sky, with a beautiful grid of large pink vibrating water drops. I heard the sound of rain, and there was a feeling of wetness. Prior to getting there, I had commanded (three times) “remove everything in the dream that is generated by me, keep everything that is external”. First, I was just hanging in the dark grey void, but soon the clear blue sky and the super fresh and vivid scene appeared. A voice said to me “Do you think you are allowed to just do that?” and paused – for effect – and then it answered its own question playfully “Yes, you can!”. There was somehow a similarity between that geometry, grid, and this “grid of seagulls”.

But did I limit myself, trying to reach higher, to the moon or was there an external force that intervened? I really don’t know. There was a sense of limit, not getting past a level or boundary. There was not a sense of someone else communicating to/with me this time.

When I felt I could not reach higher, I turned my head around and looked down. Instantly I was in the water, an ocean somewhere, with my head just above the surface (surface, limits, boundaries etc stands out.)

It transformed into a  non-lucid scene. In the water, I was standing, balancing very well on some small object under my feet. About twenty meters away, two huge waves started forming and heading my way. They seemed to be about 4-5 meters high. I anticipated them, kept my balance as they hit me, was thrown up into the air a couple of meters (above the crest of the waves) maybe, and then landed perfectly in balance on the surface again. After that, I don’t remember much else. Something about a red/yellow plastic duck. To find Leo, I had to find the duck. 🙂

But the waves… Consciousness surfing? Metaphorically, the sense is; “don’t fear the waves in your life, you will be able to remain in balance”. Well, that’s a comfort.


Heightened dream recall and lucid dream with seagulls

2 thoughts on “Heightened dream recall and lucid dream with seagulls

  1. Interesting that you are dreaming of sea gulls and the ocean and I’m physically at the beach with seagulls flying above and very close. There is a bad undertow and riptide here with strong winds and clear blue sky.

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    1. The Conscious One says:

      My view is that we are leaking data all the time, left and right. This I know for sure now. We are just learning to get a handle on it. I knew you were going, but it wasn’t on my mind until I saw your post from the ocean. Spacetime is a wobbly thing. In general, it is not easy to arrive at objective conclusions, but yeah. If I could get this potential “spying” business conscious it would be ultra-mega-super nice. For now, one could say about me that I’m a possible sleeping prophet – at best, lol!

      Stay away from the undertow!

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