Dream Log: New York Attic (The Real Cost Of Compositing)

Too much of an office, but some of the feel is there.

I’m not really into the habit of journaling my dreams as I have chosen to rely on what my memory can carry without external tools and helpers. That in itself is an important thing for me. Occasionally I post something brief on Facebook – or here. But I try to do the most heavy work internally,  imprinting it into memory while it’s fresh et c.

Recently I had a rare multi-episode dream in which Robert Monroe was the star. I tried to interview him, but it never quite worked out, but this was just a short scene, which is more common for me.

The setting was in a female Facebook friend’s (Jennifer, a fellow lucid dreamer) New York attic apartment or studio with rustic stone walls, a bit like in the picture. Her husband was also there, and another woman, Laura, from the OBE community. We were sitting at a wooden table looking at and talking about the paper work that would ensure my moving to the US (!). Jennifer across the table and Laura to my right, by the window.

However, there are no such big plans at the moment, at least not on the surface although I in general think a lot of changing life in a big way like that.

Some of the papers related to work (media and consciousness) in some way. And, there were three or four A4 paper taped together into a single long piece of paper. On it, text on the topic “The real cost of compositing”.

Dream Log: New York Attic (The Real Cost Of Compositing)